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SBL Fayette County Hospital

Kinesiotaping Application

KINESIO TEX TAPE is a very thin (about the same thickness as skin), porous cotton fabric with a medical grade acrylic adhesive. A special method of adhesive application and the porous nature of the fabric allow the skin to breathe, while showering cleans part of the skin under the TAPE. The TAPE is designed for a 30 to 40 % longitudinal stretch, which lifts the skin and provides support for surrounding soft tissue.


KINESIO TEX TAPE was designed to be worn for multiple days (3 to 4). Within an hour of application the tape will withstand athletic activity and showering without coming off. A water resistant version is available for taping hands and feet. Proper application does not require multiple layers of TAPE. However, due to the location of muscle, one application may cross over another application.

Although this TAPE is skin friendly and irritation is rare, you should still look for signs of irritation. In the event any redness appears, the TAPE should be removed.

Our bodies are designed to move and with the Kinesio Taping Technique and Kinesio Tex Tape you promote motion. The technique relies heavily on insertions and origins of muscles. When in a relaxed state, skin properly taped with Kinesio Tex Tape will have natural wrinkle (convolutions).

Theoretically, KINESIO TEX TAPE will lift the skin to increase the space between the skin and muscle. This reduced localized pressure helps promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also lessens the irritation on the subcutaneous neural pain receptors. As an end result, the TAPE reduces pain, swelling and muscle spasm. This subsequently promotes the body’s natural healing processes. Additionally, the built-in stretch of the TAPE supports fatigued, weakened and/or strained muscles.

At The Wellness Complex, our therapists are certified in Kinesio Tex Tape application for the extremities and spine. We have experienced great success with this modality, as it is appropriate for a wide range of conditions. This tape may be utilized across the age spectrum from pediatrics to geriatrics. Some of its applications include pain reduction via correction of muscle imbalances and myofascial correction, neuromuscular re-education and tone inhibition/facilitation (depending on which is appropriate).

Please, contact our department for additional information on how Kinesio Tex Tape can benefit your patients at 618-283-5548.