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SBL Fayette County Hospital

Monica Scott, APRN
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SBL Fayette County Hospital provides general medical and surgical care for inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room patients, and participates in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Emergency room services are available on a 24-hour per day, seven-day per week basis.

To contact the Senior Helpline, contact 1-800-252-8966 or .

Illinois law requires hospitals (Hospital Report Card Act) to abide by regulations for reporting nursing care data on a quarterly basis to a state data repository. Our nursing leadership team assures appropriate nurse to patient staffing ratios. Ratios are based upon the nursing needs of the patient and the correct assignment of nursing staff based upon the skill of the staff and the acuity level of patient. In compliance with the Hospital Report Card Act of 2004 (210ILCS86), the Chief Nursing Officer or designee shall provide information related to questions or concerns about our staffing levels, patient care assignments, and/or staff competency. Please contact 618-283-5522 to schedule an appointment.