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SBL Fayette County Hospital

Industrial Rehabilitation

The Therapy Department of Fayette County Hospital offers a variety of services to accommodate the employers needs. Some of these services include, but are not limited to job site analysis, post-offer screening, functional capacity evaluations and work hardening.

Industrial Rehabilitation is important to the employer as it provides useful information regarding the ability of the employee to perform work tasks. This is of particular importance considering the cost associated with work related injuries. These costs are incurred not only from the direct medical expenses, but from replacement staff, insurance premiums increases, attorney fees and court fees.

Job Site Analysis provides a detailed description of the job demands. This information assists the employer in determining if an injured worker’s functional abilities can meet the demands of the job tasks. The data may be used to facilitate return-to-work or to document incompatibility. The therapist may make recommendations for modification of equipment or work habits to enhance an employee’s tolerance to performing job tasks.

Post-offer Screening is the evaluation of a potential employee after a provisional offer of employment has been made. This is allowable under Americans with Disabilities Act legislation, with certain provisions. This enables employers to hire workers who have demonstrated the capacity to perform the essential functions of the job. If the employee does not demonstrate this ability, the offer may be withdrawn legally. Fit For Duty examinations are similar to to the post-offer exam, only they are performed prior to an employee returning to work following any type of medical leave.

Please contact the Therapy Department at The Wellness Complex with any questions related to the aforementioned services at 618 283-5548.