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SBL Fayette County Hospital

SBLFCH Auxiliary Scholarship Application

Be sure to follow all directions carefully and supply all the requested information. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications including all attachments must be received no later than May 13, 2024.

Please read carefully the information below:

I. Eligibility for Scholarship: 

  1. Any person accepted into or currently enrolled in a healthcare professional curriculum is eligible to apply. Preference will be given to students who have been accepted in a college program.
  2. Applicants enrolled in an associate degree or hospital-based program will be considered.
  3. Applicants must be a permanent resident of Fayette County.
  4. The school to be attended need not be an Illinois institution; however, it must be accredited or recognized as an approved program by the appropriate agencies.
  5. In order to be competitive, a 3.0 GPA out of 4 points or a 4.0 GPA out of 5 points is desirable.

II. Facts Pertaining to Scholarship: 

  1. SBLFCH Auxiliary scholarships are given on an academic year (four quarters or two semesters) and are based on a student's scholastic achievement, financial need and the availability of funds.
  2. If a recipient drops out of school while the award is in effect, funds must be returned commensurate with the school year remaining. For example, for one-half of the academic year, one-half of the award must be repaid.
  3. Selection of recipients is made in April. All applicants will be notified of the committee's selections.

III. Applicant's Responsibilities: 

Submit completed application along with all required attachments listed below by April 30, 2024. Be sure to gather all information prior to starting the application. The application must be completed at one time. Paper copies of the application will not be accepted.

  • At least two current letters of reference selected from teacher, counselor, employer, supervisor or clergy. 
  • Profile of yourself, stressing factors relevant to your occupational choice and goals. Include qualification you feel you have to pursue your education in your chosen profession. Limit to one typewritten page.
  • Most recent OFFICIAL transcript. If your college uses a transcript service, it can be mailed to:

SBL Fayette County Hospital
650 W. Taylor Street
Vandalia, IL 62471
Attn: Auxiliary

Questions may be directed to the SBL Fayette County Hospital Auxiliary
at 618-283-5444 or by e-mailing .


Due to changes resulting from the Tax Reform Act of 1986, scholarship funds no longer are considered exempt from income tax for recipients. If the funds are used only for tuition and books at an accredited technical or vocational program, the recipient is not liable for additional income tax.

Under any other circumstances, the scholarship is treated as income to the recipient. In an employee benefit tuition reimbursement program, the funds are treated as taxable income.

Due to changes resulting from the Tax Reform Act of 1986, any funds received from the SBL Fayette County Hospital Auxiliary will be paid directly to your educational institution.

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