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SBL Fayette County Hospital
& Long Term Care


Must be willing to become a Certified Nurses Assistant.  Will work as a NA until able to work as a CNA.  SBL-FCH has a tuition program that the NA will be eligible for to pay for the cost of the CNA course as well as any required text books.



Assists in  patient/resident bed making.  Passes fresh water and ice to patient/residents.  Assists in the delivery, mailing, and reading of mail to the patient/residents.  Assists wheelchair bound patients/residents from one area of the facility to another.  Participates in tray preparation for individual patients/residents and collects tray.  Ensures full wall mounted glove dispensers. Makes rounds to soiled linen carts and empties and replenishes supply bags to carts.  Maintains and cleans resident/patient rooms/closets in an orderly fashion.   Spot mop as needed.  Ensures the clean laundry is returned to the correct patient.  Labels clothing on admission and as needed.  Active in finding owner of clothing.